How to Buy Tiles on

Once you have received your TILE ESTIMATE with SHIPPING, please follow these 3 Easy-Steps to complete your tile purchase!

On your Tile & Shipping Quote, please note your TOTAL AMOUNT for Checkout, then proceed as follows to complete your tile purchase with

Step 1: GOTO  KOREL CHECKOUT PAGE click here to place your order (if you're having difficulty opening this link, please copy and paste to your browser the following address )

Step 2: Proceed by adding the Total Amount of your Tile & Shipping Quote to the cart according to KoreL Tile Unit.

If you need help on this, please LOG IN to your My Account Page first, then click on the "How To Buy From Costco" popup at the bottom of My Tile Estimate page to see the checkout process illustration for your Total Order Amount. Below is an example of the Checkout Illustration Page.



Your Tile Order is NOT COMPLETE!
Proceed to the Checkout page using the KOREL CHECKOUT link sent to you with your Tile & Shipping Quote.
Checkout your Total Tile Order of $1,404.00 by adding to the cart as follows:


KoreL Tile Unit

*Your Price$1,404.00
Step 1 : Type in Qty Box below with $100 and $1 increment as shown here
Step 2: Click Add to Cart !
Add KoreL Tile Unit Quantity to the cart one at a time. Please make sure your Total Configured Price matches your Total Tile & Shipping Quote.
Step 3 :
Proceed to Checkout. Make sure you are a registered shopper on


You will soon receive Delivery information via e-mail.

Step 3: Complete your order by proceeding to the checkout.  Make sure you are a registered shopper on

Upon checking out, your order will be processed immediately.

You will receive shipping and delivery tracking information shortly via e-mail.

**Should you have any difficulty checking out your order, please call our Order Desk at (562) 204-1004 (M-F, 9am to 5pm PST) for assistance with your checkout.