Metallic Black

Chroma Dark Metal

Metallic Copper Rust

Model # : Kele 600L983 or to request estimates

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Kele 600L983 SAMPLE 6"x 6" 8pcs/Box
$2.50 / each

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$3.50 /sq. ft


Type Of Tile : Metallic

Material : Porcelain

Color :

Finish : Metallic

Thickness : 10mm

This Tile is Great for : Any Wall and Floor, Backsplash, Accent wall, Decorative walls and Decorative Floor accent.

Available Sizes

Piece Size Sheet Size
12"x 24" 2 sq. ftSq. Ft.

Packing Details

Sq. ft per piece/sheet Pieces or Sheets/Box Sq. ft Per Box Weight Per Box Tile Sold By
2 sq. ft/sheet 8pcs/Box 16sq. Ft/Box 72 Lbs/Box

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